Dating Again? Where is the exit sign!?

When you’re getting over someone dating again is either a good thing or a disaster. I’m not talking about a rebound. I’m talking about having dinner and hanging out with someone new to take a step towards moving on from someone else. Let me tell you guys my experience.

I was on my second date with the guy that I had met at the bar. The first date was good, he was sweet and a gentleman although he did have me meet him at chipotle instead of picking me up. Minor details, I’m just a little old fashioned. We talked for a few hours and when we left, he did not walk me to my car but he did give me a hug. Now the second date I am sure is going to make some of you laugh. I told him to just come over, I was home alone so I told him that we could watch a movie. Now I can see how most guys would automatically think I would want sex because it’s an empty house but I had no intentions of sleeping with the guy. I’m not the person to really sleep around at all. I already knew this was a bad idea because at the time I was getting over someone. I was constantly thinking about him and what if he texted me to see me (dumb I know).

When the guy got here I couldn’t even look at him, It just didn’t feel right. He kept asking me to come closer which I was already uncomfortable doing. After a while he decided to pull that cheesy yawn and put his arm around me move which was a fail because he ended up pulling my hair as he was trying to wrap his arm around me …which really hurt ! So his arm is now around me and I can just feel my body tensing up so I text my friend Lyssa to save me. Only good friends will come up with excuses to get you out of a bad situation. She immediately calls me pretending to be at a bar drunk and needing a ride. Her boyfriend was in the background playing “Africa” by Toto to make it sound like she was at a bar (my heroes). After 10 minutes she FaceTimes me with her coat on outside to tell me she was waiting outside and I need to hurry up, she really took it to another level. I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

I felt so bad he actually wanted to come with me or wait for me but there was no way. I rushed into something I was not ready for. Not to mention that he turned out to be much younger. I think part of me just wanted to forget about you know who faster. I just wanted to feel something other than what I’ve been feeling while trying to get over him. I was putting myself out there and meeting new people like the billions of magazine articles and YouTube videos have told me to do. Clearly time is the only thing that’s really going to help me. So dating is going to have to wait a while until I’m back to being 100% me.

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